🏆 During the 6th edition of Super 9 Mobile, Birdman won the award for the best documentary film, directed by Simon O’Neill and featuring Hugh O’Neill. Congratulations!

‘The Birdman’ is a beautiful documentary with a touch of closeness to nature and a reminder of how fragile it may be.

“Nature is all around you. Sometimes you just need to reach out. Touch it.

Simon O’Neill is a writer, copywriter, and filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. He has written many commercials for TV, radio, and digital in a career that has included spells working in London, Dublin & Dubai. In 2003 he spent a year teaching English in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China. Since graduation, he has written and directed many award-winning short films, ads, documentaries, and music videos.

Simon O’Neill’s film won the award for the best documentary of the 6th edition of Super 9. As a result, they were with €1500 sponsored by Ventura Partners.

We invite you to watch the closing interview we had with the director:



‘Birdman’ full short:


Film synopsis:

Nature is all around us. Sometimes you just have to reach out and touch it. Erithacus rubecula or the humble Robin Redbreast as it is more commonly known is a friendly, inquisitive, territorial bird, familiar to many Irish homes. The Robin is possibly the most easily identifiable Irish garden bird. Robins have a personality and demeanour all of their own. Hugh O’Neill has a symbiotic relationship with the one that patrols his garden and a love of birds in general that is shared by many Irish people.