India’s Children | Documentário

Aditya Shankar, Agarwal

Índia – 2017



The err of humanity lies in it’s ingratitude. As we age in this unforgiving, but rather forgetful society, we are treated with more respect, looked at more admiringly. Mature, is what we call ourselves, and feel proud to have attained ‘sufficient understanding’ of the ways of the world. However, we remain in the constant search of happiness for the rest of our adult lives.

However, the age of happiness came much before the age of maturity. The arena of happiness was a school playground, not a conference table. Delicious was the name of guilt-free ice-cream, not sugar-free coffee. Beautiful to remember, easy to take for granted.

The director of this film, a 16 year old boy, just on the verge of ‘maturity’, explains to us how a time when children ought to play and stay blissful, is the time when they are shoved into factories, denied their education and forced to work. India is a country with poor laws, when it comes to child rights.

But is it truly a faulty legal system? Or simply a matter of poor implementation? That is the question that this documentary aspires to find an answer to.

With members of the legal community speaking on a scarcely practiced area of the law, this documentary not only displays the dismal state of child rights in India, but also carves out the path to redemption.

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