An Apparition | Experimental

Nagaraju Rachakonda, India


This film showcases the implications and the effects of lockdown. The coronavirus pandemic has made social distancing essential in waging a victorious battle against it. Consequently, the Indian national lockdown is intrinsic to fighting it, even though there still might be people indifferent to it. The short film wants to draw attention to the same concern, and how not taking our quarantine seriously might lead to disastrous results. It chooses the metaphor of an inconsequential insect to communicate the same. By using cockroaches as projections of humans and their actions.


Nagaraju Rachakonda is an electrical engineer by education, but a filmmaker by passion. He has started his film career by learning film editing. Later, he pursued a certificate in Film Lighting in South Africa, and then he completed the academy preparation program at FAMU (Prague). He always favored documentaries and experimental films. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with GBS, a rare disorder due to which his mobility is limited. He did this project by sitting still at a single place, as he still could not walk properly.

I made “an apparition “ during corona lockdown. The film shot during the first two weeks of April 2020, when the pandemic was severe in India and severe restrictions imposed. Except for the director, the entire crew are from a non-film background, and all the scenes entirely shot using mobile phones. Cockroaches are very common across India, and at least 60% of India’s population encounter them daily. In that time I had no subject better than cockroaches.






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