Birdnest Hair | Animação

Matthew Hsu, Ashleigh Djokic

Austrália – 2017



‘Birdnest Hair’ is a playful and sonically exuberant celebration of womanhood and scrappy optimists, inspired by the incredible women in Matt’s life and a newly minted god-daughter, Wednesday. Featuring an all woman gang-vocal chorus, field recorded nature sounds, tabla by world musician Ravi Singh, and a ragbag of eclectic instruments played by Matt.

The music video is hand drawn frame-by-frame by Ashleigh Djokic, a Brisbane visual artist and theatre maker who also provides ‘playschool rap’ vocals for the song. Inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli, this video is mind-melding of Ashleigh and Matt’s sensibilities and love of animation and kooky aesthetics.

Matt is a QMusic Award finalist, BEMAC featured artist and founding member of The Mouldy Lovers. As a one-man ‘obscure orchestra’, he plays over twenty instruments collected from around the world, composing uncommon music from wholly organic sounds.

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