Brain Damage | Ficção

Nainisha Dedhia

Austrália – 2017



Wake up. Brush. Bathe. Flush. Text. Get ready. Eat. Work. Text. Work. Eat. Work. Text. Work. Eat. Work. Text. Work. Sleep. You wake up like you have done all this time. You switch on the light, go to the washroom, and bathe. You eat your medicines. You fulfil your social network obligations, and you get to work. You have done this for as long as you can remember and this is all you see yourself doing forevermore. The usual scratching of a pen across the paper, trembling of your foot, ripping of paper when you’re unhappy with what you’ve come up with. The same running water, the same number of tablets to be eaten every couple of hours, the same messages from the same people. In the relentless race for stability, the hunger for growth is lost. You’re stuck in your own time loop. and if it weren’t for other humans, you’re life would be that loop. As the monotony kicks in, the reason wears out. When the pressure starts building, you forget why you started. You start spiralling down the pit you didn’t know you built. When you stop falling and stay at rock bottom is when you give up.
Monotony can kill too.

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