Call Cleo | Ficção

Realizado por Amanda Azevedo, Pedro Lucas de Castro, Brasil


After going through a sudden breakup while in quarantine, Cleo has the fun mission to adapt herself to the new life. She faces the typical conflicts of a single woman added to an atypical context of the second year of the pandemic. In each episode, she has a video call in a dynamic monologue format. When she thinks her love life is finally moving forward, her past knocks on her door and it challenges her spiritual fullness. She tries to ignore, but Gustavo (ex) is an unfinished business. The web series is current, intimate and with a dose of humour.


Actress who writes, produces herself and has the need to create. With a cellphone, no budget and a lot of creativity, Call Com Cleo is her first authorial project and was born during the pandemic. It’s the result of an Amanda’s desire to reinvent herself and to provide entertainment for people in lockdown.


Amanda Azevedo


Pedro Lucas de Castro


Amanda Azevedo


Amanda Azevedo, Jade Tzirulnik


Felipe Salles

Motion Design

Lucas Ohara

Consultor de Roteiro

Amanda Azevedo

Key Cast

Homero Ligere

Key Cast

Anexo Criativo

Producer company



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