Dust | Experimental

Sandrine Cordeiro, Portugal


In a recovery license, a body observes, explores its space. It feels it and travels through its lower extremities. The dust covering the soil is the point of contact between it and the skin. A skin that whitens marking time, the duration of this encounter between body and matter.

A silent performance by Sandrine Cordeiro on which Fabrício Cordeiro builds his sonority.


Sandrine Cordeiro was born in Paris, 1976. She has studied Visual Arts and Theatre at ESAD.CR and History of Contemporary Arts at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her work focuses, since 1994, on the diversity of the medium for artistic expression from visual arts to writing, acting, staging, performance, and cinema


Sandrine Cordeiro


Sandrine Cordeiro

Key Cast

Fabrício Cordeiro


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