Gaia | Ficção

Deepesh Vasudev




I wanted to advocate for the idea that we need to treat the planet as though we are part of it, rather than as though it exists to serve us. I have chosen to do this in a radical way, through the medium of an experimental psychological thriller, rather than a travel film or documentary. However, the film still meets all the requirements of the Nucleus contest, while using an approach that is meant to be compelling even to a viewer who has very little knowledge of environmental issues. The film follows a team of researchers for a sinister corporation, as they look for solutions to an unnamed crisis facing humanity. Believing they have found a sanctuary for human survival, in a remote location off the coast of Singapore, they are beset by psychological turmoil caused by plants that defend themselves against the corporation’s goal to exploit every natural resource for human benefit. My hope is that anyone watching this will be compelled to reconsider our deeply one-sided relationship with nature and ask themselves, if Gaia was real, would she want humans as part of her system?

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