I need to climb | Videoclip

Eli Sánchez Casanovas, Spain


The Punky Unicorns is the rock group I have all the time playing inside my head playing all the things my brain can imagine and this project tries to get off of my head the sound I imagine. The name of the group is the nickname that some of my workmates used with me till I started to appear at work with a punk look on my hair and changing often the colors of my crest.


I was born in 1987 in Lleida. My parents (both) are music teachers so, when I was a child, I was all the time at music schools. I never was really interested in music. I’ve learned classical guitar till I was 15, but I never liked the pentagrams and I tried all the time to play without reading. My father was one of the first Informatica music teachers in Spain in a superior music school and he let me play with Finale all the time when I was so young. I forgot Music for a lot of time and I studied Advertising, I was working in photography and technology, I’ve never coursed music. But my last two years I was living in Madrid and I started meeting musicians in the city jams. I have been changing my videos and photos for music lessons with Érika López. I also took lessons with Laura Solla. I had a trauma with my voice because when I was very little my parents obligated me to sing in a chorus and I always remember how afraid I was the first day I jump to a concert with the chorus, I was just a child and I was just crying along with the entire song, so I never sing again. But at the quarantine time, I started to try to get off of my head all the music I have inside and I decided that, If the world is going to finish, I have to give an opportunity to the people to listen to my music and then I record my first song at home with my computer and my tablet and I also made the video clip while I was in the lockdown.


Eli Sánchez Casanovas


The Punky Unicorns



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