I’m Floating in a Beam of Light With You | Experimental

Denise Burge

Estados Unidos da América – 2017



The Maidens of the Cosmic Body Running is an artist collaborative that works with icons of landscape and film as a hypnotic, romantic tool for gazing. In this film we created our imagined/faked versions of “the moon on the river” by collaging material we filmed in various remote locations across America, from the Florida Keys to Ohio, to the islands of Washington State (including “Moon River” in Georgia, the birthplace of Johnny Mercer). Elements used to create the “illusion” include hotel soaps, swimming pools, cathedral holy water, pool slides, moon rocks at the Kennedy Space Center, etc. This piece was exhibited as an installation, complete with a giant hand-hooked rug, in the exhibition “Sisters of the Moon” at the KY Museum of Art and Craft in 2016. The film was shown as a loop but exists also as a standalone sequence. Depending on the location, we may be able to install it in situ with the rug if that is desired.

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