In the Backward of Time | Experimental

Danilo Torre

Itália – 2016



This video is inspired by city symphony genre (Cavalcanti, Ruttman twentieth century early years ), It is a review of this genere in post-modern style, It’s a kind of documentary.The title refers to a verse by W. Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” which tells the story of Prospero, the wizard and the real Duke of Milan. As the manipulations of Prospero this video will use some cinematographic “tricks” like time shifts, digressions (flashback) and visual abstractions to describe the development of the city of Milan through skyscrapers on costructions. The video turn around the continuous research of “the image”: through analog and digital tools in an attempt to find an “image” out from time and space.
The movie ends with a view of the “Seven Heavenly Palaces” by Ansel Kiefer, a detournament of a tridimentional artwork: the monumental opera become a vision of a future or an hypothetical parallel world. The question in the deepst of this movie is: Can we crystallise the time with an expired film stock?

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