Inversion | Videoclip de música

Realizado por Kristina Petukhina, Federação Russa


In a video work made with 1 iPhone photo, 13 Instagram masks, and my track, I without leaving the house, of course, reflected my coexistence in quarantine with my neighbors.

During this difficult period of isolation, I was left alone with my neighbors in a new building. Every day they drill into all the walls and it seems already into my head. I put all the sounds on the soundtrack to my isolation. My hearing transforms.

I took my violin, Octatrack, Korg, Kaoss Pad — and we played together like an industrial orchestra. Through this experiment, you heard this noise of repair in a new way.
Now, this is the music.


Kristina Petukhina is a sound artist, independent researcher, curator of the media project Tonoptik, and teacher of music theory in action Music SHHO school.


Kristina Petukhina


Kristina Petukhina


Kristina Petukhina

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