MIER | Ficção

Realizado por Oliver North, África do Sul


The story of MIER accounts for two days in the lives of Oupa, a San hunter/gatherer who lives alone in the desert, and Boetie, a ‘colored’ boy from a nearby settlement where people were relocated to from the desert. Boetie is struggling with his own inner demons when the older man instills his traditional values on the stubborn and proud youngster. Over the course of the story, the greater world of these characters is revealed and we find out that they are hunting on this land illegally.

After spending the day with Oupa the youngster realizes the old man is slowing him down. Boetie grabs his rifle and takes off on his own after the Gemsbok. But he doesn’t get far. Boetie succumbs to the intense heat and quits. He studies a rejection letter from a prestigious college and attempts to take his own life, fearing going back empty-handed and bearing bad news. Before he pulls the trigger he makes the find of the century, a 1,098-carat diamond! After hiding the third largest diamond in the world in the sole of his shoe he takes off, rejuvenated. When Boetie wakes he is greeted by Lt. Van Zyl, a Private Military Contractor who patrols the area. Oupa decides to risk his life and attempt to save Boetie by shooting VZ in the neck with an arrow only to be shot by VZ. Shortly after the shootout, Boetie is VZ’s prisoner hiking through the desert. After realizing Oupa is still alive but injured VZ succumbs to the poison and threatens Boetie to go back to the settlement and get help or VZ will finish the job. Through Oupa’s traditional knowledge and great perseverance, Boetie has learned valuable life lessons and Boetie decides to return to try and save Oupa.

Boetie arrives at the settlement, days later, where he attends a soccer match by the community. He is met there by an Elder, his father, who explains to him the importance of the photograph he’s been carrying around. Oupa is his grandfather who has lived in exile so that he didn’t have to live that life. He also learns the truth about his mother. After hearing that the man he spent time with within the desert is his relative, the same man he left for dead, Boetie decides to return to the desert to find him but is stopped by the elder who decides to go with his son, Boetie.

Shot on iPhone 12.


South African screenwriter Oliver North’s last short is a proof-of-concept feature trailer for MIER about the Khoisan people’s
struggle for the Kalahari and its resources. The project started in early 2019 and successfully completed in June 2020 funded by
the National Film and Video Foundation.

His previous short “MS ME” is a powerful short film that premiered at Lift Off Film Festival 2020 about a depressed young man who joins members of his poor community in a search for a missing girl, and in the process discovers what’s missing in his
relationship and in his life.


Oliver North

Rafiq Samsodien



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