MODAIS | Videoclip de música

Realizado por Nícolas de Sousa, Brasil


A stop-motion music video for the song “Modais” by Silvio Filgueira.

This project was conceived, shot, and edited in its entirety during the covid-19 pandemic. The song and video talk about the ability of art & culture to transport us to different worlds, without physically leaving our actual place. Just reach out to a book or movie and you’ll be transported. This is something very appropriate given the current pandemic crisis that the whole world is facing. For the greater good, we stay at our homes, reconnecting to one another and the outside world through music, film, and literature.

Shot on an iPhone 8 Plus with the Filmic Pro app.


Nícolas de Sousa is a student of Social Communication (Audio-visual) at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, in the city of Natal (Brazil).


Nícolas de Sousa


Nícolas de Sousa


Silvio Filgueira

Executive producer

Nícolas de Sousa, Otávio de Sousa


Silvio Filgueira



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