My Beautiful Life | Music video

Constant Vigier, Reino Unido


This dance film is a music video for Jerry Burns’ song “My Beautiful Life”.
Life is a beautiful gift that is so easily passed through too quickly without appreciating the present moment.


Constant Vigier was born in Quimper, France. He graduated from Paris Opera Ballet and Hamburg Ballet schools. Worked with Hamburg Ballet, Tivoli Copenhagen, and Scottish Ballet. Choreographed with dancers from Paris Opera, Hamburg Ballet, and Scottish Ballet and took part in different festivals such as The Fringe Festival in Edinburgh (UK), Cottiers Dance in Glasgow (UK), and Festival Cadences in Arcachon (France). Took part in a screen dance course with Katrina McPherson.

Choreographed a music video (“And Let Them Glow”) for Yllwshrk debut album.


Constant Vigier


Jerry Burns and Sally Herbert


Jerry Burns


Constant Vigier

Key Cast “Choreographer”

Amy McEntee

Key Cast “Dancer”


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