Night/ walk/ flight | Experimental

Realizado por Finn Harvor, Republic of Korea


A VideoPoemSong based on the poetry of my late brother Richard and myself.

The project has taken approximately four years to complete. The first section is about a young man battling his alcoholism. He develops a friendship with a heroin addict, and, in his own mind, tries to defeat his own addiction by witnessing that of another.

The second part is from my point of view, as I make an emergency flight from overseas to see my brother one last time. This visit triggers many memories of our shared past, and underlines how, in families, there is no entirely clear division between an addict and everyone else.

Overarching this is the image of walking at night — an obviously sober and “clean” activity. But also something one does in order to recall memories deeply — a form of “flight “ into alternate states of mind.


Award-winning artist, writer, musician, filmmaker. Articles in many journals including the Brooklyn Rail and Canadian Notes and Queries. Have presented to academic conferences in Oxford, Bath, Liverpool, Berlin, Seoul, Osaka, and elsewhere. Selected by festivals in Korea, Ireland, the U.K., the US, China (Hong Kong), Kazakhstan, Australia, Greece, Pakistan, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, and India.


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Finn Harvor



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