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Realizado por Vanessa Vox, França


“NO COMMENT (October 2020)” is all about a tiny, for our eyes invisible virus that has gotten the center of attention. Our social life is severely restricted while this virus can hardly be stopped. It is rocking, shocking and rolling all over the world, day by day, moving forward from country to country, accompanied by a huge wave of news and statistics.
“No Comment” (2‘14) was created in October 2020, in the hotspot of the crisis, just a few days before a second lockdown took place in France.
This short experimental doesn’t need words, doesn’t need a title. Thus everyone recognizes the image of a ball peppered with spikes all around. Even the younger ones among us who can barely speak know what it is. “I can‘t visit my grandma because of Corona”, said my neighbours kid.
The repetitive music of Orlando Bay supports the relentless course of events in which we are imprisoned. And the flow of pictures and signs suggests that this virus could also be understood as a hacker attack which penetrates our brave new world, both in real and viral. We feel persecuted by this little thing which dances around like a naughty child. We feel desperate or ignorant, we react frightened or disgusted. We want to grasp it, want it gone, wiping it away.
But it is in fact a living being which wants to spread out. And honestly it is almost as successful as we are when we take the planet‘s ressources as granted. – So… Don‘t we look in the mirror when we face this tiny little thing?


Vanessa Vox, born in Paris, studied Art History in Aix-en-Provence and worked as a dancer / choreographer in France, Germany and Switzerland. 2003 she began to explore the world of digital art and video editing in collaboration with her soulmate, a swiss musician/artist. 2013 she moved back to France, where she decided to work on photos/videos exclusively with mobile apps. Vanessa was thrilled by the ability to intuitively transform the spontaneous shot from her iPhone to an icon- or dreamlike impression. She started a mobile video series on January 2014. The results are short experimental movies combined with her own mobile music or the music of Orlando Bay.
Her experimental mobile movies were part of the first ISMA (2014, Rovereto, Italy), #MINA2015&2017&2018&2020 (Melbourne, Australia), FVAF2&3 (2016&2017, Hollywood/Los Angeles, USA), the ‘HeforShe’ LA Media Summit Event (2016, Los Angeles, USA),#MFF2017 (San Diego, USA), ‘Blaue Stunde VII&VIII&IX&X’ (2016,2018/01,2020/01 Köln, 2018/11 Wetzlar, Germany), Pandemix.mob (France, 2020)…


Vanessa Vox


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