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Sigfrido Giammona, Itália


A street actor has been locked in his apartment for over a month in complete solitude. Looking out the window, he feels nostalgic for his city, and for the places he has always frequented for work and affection. He realizes, day after day, how his city is no longer the same. It has changed suddenly under the quarantine lockdown caused by the Covid-19 virus.


My journey into the world of video began as a cameraman. I attended the Experimental Television Center in Rome, later working as a video operator for various TV productions. When I felt the need to express myself as a director, I attended a directing campus in Sicily. I was fortunate to have Roberto Perpignani for a mentor, who was Orson Welles’ assistant editor. I also worked for other directors as a video editor, which is another specialty of mine.


Sigfrido Giammona


Fabio Appetito


Sigfrido Giammona


Igor Petrotto

Key Cast

Alex Peña

Key Cast

Sigfrido Giammona


Mara Notte



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