Packing for Paris| Ficção

Realizado por Kevin DeBacker, Estados Unidos


Wishing to move to Paris, a heartbroken man is willing to shed everything to fit in the tiny bag his ex-boyfriend sent him.


Kevin is an actor, writer, director and the kinda guy who puts his robe on one leg at a time.

He has been featured in numerous commercials, on Food Network’s Giving You The Business, written for MTVx, and the ABC diversity showcase. And the musical he co-wrote and starred in, 2Pac: The Musical! a jukebox musical at UCB was a “Top Pick” – Time Out New York.

He was awarded a grant to co-create That Couple Who Dances Too Long in a Casual Setting for college Humor 2, and his series with Eric Brown, Besties, was featured in the The Cut for New York Magazine.

He’s currently filming and performing with his sketch group, Average Dicks, along with other projects like Industrials on Channel 101, and you can spot him on his daily urban walks around the city wearing a big sun blocking hat.

He’s a graduate of the University of California Irvine with majors in Theatre, Anthropology, and Education.


Kevin DeBacker


Kevin DeBacker


Kevin DeBacker

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