reticence | Experimental

Marija Lučić, Germany


Life is passing by with more and more questions, but the answers we will never find in words. Silence speaks louder, and what remains is the observation of the given moment. If you think that time is circular, and you get born, and you die every day then you are left with nothing else than living in today.

“reticence” (2020) is a short poetic film about transiency, touching metaphysical points of life and death, and the connection and meaning of those two worlds. These thoughts were visually translated by combining real images with digital solutions. The real images are presenting a living swan, a dead swan, and a willow tree. Effects such as slow loss of the tree’s color or overlayed images of the living and dead swan are added gently. Also, the sound has a significant role, or to be precise, the vocals. The whole video is based on the rhythm of the spoken text, which is an interpretation of Daniil Kharms’ poetry. The images and the effects are changing while following the vocals, which becomes a collage of sound in the end. It is a “swan song,” where, regarding the myth, swans are singing only before they die. Because of the silence during their lifetime, the film is called “reticence.” Also, in the film, the teacher reminded silent, after the student asked him: “Is there anything on earth which would have meaning and would even change the course of events not only on earth but in other worlds?”

The film was made at a cinematography workshop mentored by Fred Kelemen and organized by Kino Klub Split.

The spoken text in the film is an adaptation of Daniil Kharm’s poetry.


Marija was born in 1991 in Yerevan, Armenia. She is a visual and film artist from Croatia with a current address in Berlin. She gained her bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science at the University of Zadar, Croatia, back in 2014. During her studies, she started to do films as a hobby that developed into a passion for a lifetime. Today she is actively part of a VJ collective Tensememori, with who she got a lot of experience in live visual performances.

She has attended many film/visual workshops, including Cinematography workshop with Fred Kelemen, VJ workshop with A-li-ce at UDK, Film curse at Kinoklub Zagreb, and Film Experiment Workshop at 7 Days of Creation Festival in Pazin, Croatia.
Her work is mainly based on dark images creating a beautiful film-poetry. A good work example is her film “Reticence,” a short poetic film about transiency. The ideas, topics, and motives in her visual and film work are often reflections of her dark inner world, which is a big motivation to research the evil in humanity. Her films “Vision in Flames” and “The Ocean” are films accompanied by Stanislaw Lem’s quotes, where she is reflecting on the current state of humanity.


Marija Lučić


Kino Klub Split



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