Sonhos para Uma Noite de Luar | Documentário

Francisco Carvalho

Portugal – 2017



An old cassette in an old drawer in the old adolescent room at the parent’s house. Rescuing old memories as if we were again moving through a dream already lived or sensed. As if memory was a strange confused soup of things lived and things dreamed of. As if the already distant past became an almost surreal substance. Nearly fictional. Listening to this now as if we were already someone else. To listen almost with astonishment to what we wrote in the ingenuity of those yearly years and to whom others gave their attention and a voice.
How to unveil it now to the global world without blushing with shame?
How to, nonetheless, captivate others to these sounds and dialogues in a time when we live submerged in a endless realm of imagery and noise constantly demanding our attention?
Assuming the meager means. Assuming a kind of poor aesthetic. Without fear of looking amateurish. With no great artistic pretensions, practically improvising, to film and to capture thus the old childhood radio where one began to love music and the infinite universe of words…

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