ST. BERNARD SNOW | Experimental

Realizado por Well Darwin, Brasil


From São Bernardo do Campo to São Sebastião, passing through the Andes Mountains and Central Park, sometimes the connection is indescribable and inexplicable… rationality is not enough, it is necessary to let feeling act.


Graduated in Cinema at ELCV (Santo André, SP) he has also a degree in History with a PhD in Ambient Education. Among many others courses he attended the Script Writing Course with Orlando Senna and worked as assistant to Suzana Amaral in her Documentary Course. Worked in several short films in Sao Paulo’s area, as Director, Producer and Executive Producer. Today he is a partner at DGT Filmes, where he worked in “Ralé” (Brazil – Helena Ignez – Munchen FilmFest, Rio Festival and Sao Paulo International Festival, 2015), working as Plato, Production Assistant and collaborated at the screenplay; “Convicted” (Brazil – Sergio Gagliardi, 8o In-Edit Brasil 2016) as Producer, “Unheard” (Brazil – Gregório Gananiam – 41st International Film Festival of São Paulo, 2017, 21st Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes, 2018 – Best Feature Film) working as Producer and Executive Producer; and “Berenice” (Brazil – Wellington Darwin, Around Internacional Film Festival Amsterdã, 2017) working as Director and Screenwriter. He has research, both theoretical and practical, on experimental cinema, having made, to date, more than sixty films, available to the public on a YouTube channel, WellDarwin, and on a recently created Instagram profile called iExperimts85, dedicated to one-minute films. He was a Jury of the 6th India Cine Film Festival, organized and curated the 1st Short Film Exhibition LGBT in Bauru / SP, the 1st Cinema Meeting in São Sebastião / SP and the 1st Cuiabá153 Film Exhibition. Taught courses in Experimental Cinema, Film Production and Mobile Cinema. He recently had part of his works exhibited at the Projected Quarantine Project (Programa Invida / IMS and Mídia Ninja) and at the Mostra Art120 ”(Centro Cultural Vale Maranhão).


Well Darwin


Well Darwin


Well Darwin



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