The House by the Sea | Experimental

Francesco Alino Guerra, Itália


When his beloved girlfriend dies, a boy returns to the house by the sea where they once used to be happy.


Francesco Alino Guerra studied screenwriting at the University of Padua’s degree “Carlo Mazzacurati”. He wrote and directed the short films “Il mondiale persiano” (2019), “Spacca la Testa” (2020), and “70 days” (2020). In 2018 his feature film screenplay “Il Poeta di Varietà” received a prize from the jury of Premio Mattador. The script was published in the eighth volume of “Writing images. Scriptbooks”.


Francesco Alino Guerra

Director (70 giorni, Spacca la Testa, Il Mondiale Persiano)

Francesco Alino Guerra

Writer (70 giorni, Spacca la Testa, Il Mondiale Persiano)

Francesca Lunardi

Key Cast “The girl”

Francesco Alino Guerra

Key Cast “The boy” (70 giorni)

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