The Statue | Animação

Navid Masoudnia

Irão – 2017



Statue’s short animated film is describing the issue of fluidity of political power among the leaderships. The story of this short film occurs in a whist and blind atmosphere between two major characters. The leader’s statue and a poor.
The leader’s statue cannot tolerate anything above his power even the time that an innocent crow excretes on him, he hold a gun on the crow and kills it. The poor character arrives and stares how the crow is killed awkwardly. So he becomes shocked by the scene and decided to make a revenge. He is intended to destruct the leader’s statue.
As a result of their battle, the leader’s statue is completely destroyed by the poor man’s sickle. For the time being the poor man place himself instead of fallen down leader. Now the poor man become the next dictator.
After a while an innocent crow excretes on him. He becomes angry and throw his sickle toward the crow and kills it. Now a soldier watches the scene…

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