Um Filme Sobre Janelas | Arquitectura

Fausto Muniz




Provocative, confuse, misleading. A film about windows looks in the irreverence and verbiage a walking through kaleidoscopic tour for esthetical and artistical references that can amplify the sense about what is seen on screen, and what is seen through audio-visual frames, formats and boxes. The film has been made to appears be amateur, with an “artisanal” finishing and editing. All the images were captured by a cellular with low technological resources. The pictures create a ambiguous and uncertain dialogue between the external, urban, architectural world, while the words are released in a multifaced sound game. A film about windows brings over informative universe, sometimes it is logical, sometimes not, sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, in an ups and downs of ideas and suggestions to discuss the validity of an artistical piece as message, even amateur and not technologically sophisticated. The film ending signalizes to what is beyond and under everything we know that makes art, Art.

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