Wanderer  | videoclip

Realizado por Joseph Antony


A girl who turns to nature as a wanderer finds herself. At the same time, a photographer finds his muse in the girl and follows her, again as a wanderer. The film shows only one character – the girl who is in search of her inner self, but the film establishes both the girl and the photographer as a wanderer. After all, aren’t we all wanderers in this world?

The film in many ways reflects society, which according to the filmmaker, consists of 3 major elements, the invisible creator, the man who enjoys the creation (audience), and the creation itself. Both the creator and the audience are just wanderers in search of beauty.


Joseph Came to filmmaking very unexpectedly as a cinematographer in a college short film when his friends handed him a mobile phone and asked him to shoot for them. Later in his career, Joseph worked as a cinematographer on several short films and music videos that have got international recognition. However wanderer is his first attempt as a director and he went back to basics and used his first tool – the mobile phone, to tell the story of a wanderer.


Joseph Antony


Joseph Antony


Joseph Antony


Joseph Antony


Joseph Antony

Key Cast
Tess Elizabath Tom


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